Willow Green, artist

Moments of Visual Poetry

Welcome to  Willow-Art


Hi... my Name is Willow Green,


I’ve been married a very long time and we have 4+1 children; long story.


I am a painter who paints in oil; learning as I go, always learning.


I am a photographer who loves to capture moments in nature like; shooting
the ocean’s magic when it’s showing its power, or a flower at its most delicate, or maybe capturing a surfer on a 40 foot wave.

The smell of the ocean takes my breath away. I am in my element when surrounded by nature.


In the last few years, I have started writing my “life story” and, I recently
started crocheting winter hats.

I only know one stitch, so I go in circles until I have a hat.

I hope you enjoy my art, it is my life.

May your world be filled with Harmony and Adventure...




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